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· 2 min read
Patrick Pace

I am super eager to wrap up the first draft, to conclude all things, and it dawned on me that perhaps things aren’t ready to conclude. And perhaps me trying to do so is premature. Is there some merit to “letting the story dictate when it ends?” I know that sometime boundaries benefit creation. But at the same time, I went over the page limit a whole bunch when I wrote for class. I cut it back during editing. But it was fairly common to write over until I got to that point where it just felt finished.

I have gotten ready to wrap it up. Not sure why. Maybe I’m just excited to move on. Maybe writing’s a bad fit for me. Maybe I just like closure. Not sure. But I shouldn’t let my eagerness rush the process. I have clearly begun the wrap up, but I should keep the same free mentality—let the story come as it wills, even within the wrap-up intent. I have a feeling it’s another both-and—I give it the boundary to end, but I give it the freedom to take as long as it needs to and to involve whatever it needs to in order to do so.

You still have to keep the creating hat on. Not the cutting/editing hat. That’s so weird. Creating toward an end. And maybe that’s why closing the circle is so important—because it makes it not really an end.