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Moving Forward: Faith and the Arts

· 2 min read
Patrick Pace

I’ve been pretty lax about posting for the past half-year. After unloading my first armful of vignettes, publishing drew my attention, and I have since been more interested in submitting than posting. The logs I still carry await the publishing fire.

On top of that, I have donated much of my free time to other pursuits. My post-postgraduation detox has seeded a growing interest in Faith and the Arts and how they interact with culture. This interest spans artistic fields, with writing at the forefront, and it involves a good deal of study and reflection. Additionally, I am writing a novel. I hope to further develop my craft, to landmark my vocational vision, and to further evaluate whether writing fits with my giftedness. I have set for myself an interim goal of 45,000 words by July 16th. So my free time has been reduced to a few hours per week, which I would rather spend with my family than writing vignettes.

So what am I to do with this blog? I’d rather keep it than abandon it. I can beat on it like some artful practice-dummy, and, more importantly, it provides a channel for dialogue with you.

An idea came to me a couple weeks ago. As I learn, I already tend to record impactful ideas, to write out my thoughts, and to catalogue useful materials. Why not just move these things from my computer to my blog, in the event that “Faith and the Arts and how they interact with culture” might also interest you?

Thus I have begun crafting a few new sections. At the top of this page, you can find links to 1) a catalogue of meaningful reference material and 2) my To Read list. I will also post thoughts and the like as they come (and as I format them).

Edit: You’ll notice these, too, have fallen by the wayside. So be it! Let the wayside keep them!