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· 10 min read
Patrick Pace

Some of my impetus for how I’ve been developing my world depends upon my inability to create without placing the gospel in whatever world I create. I feel like this is a shortcoming in me. I love a lot of worlds that don’t seem to incorporate the Gospel, like Harry Potter and Star Wars. They typically still have good versus evil, but there doesn’t seem to be any presence of God in them (and so no grounding for their good and evil—making them some kind of floating, rootless things, or making them dependent upon the audience’s assumptions about good and evil).

· 2 min read
Patrick Pace

I started developing a city that began as something like Mos Eisely and ended up a sister city of the telan capital, Im. Since my characters entered the city by walking, this brought to mind just how far they had to walk between being “out” of the city and “in.” If I were walking into Houston, this would take days. If Dallas, less, but still a while. And in both cases, the line between “in” and “out” is quite blurry.

I just ran across a blog that says that Constantinople had 500,000 people in it during its height. I wonder what Rome had. Or Athens.