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PowerShell: Get-GiftednessMashup

Several years ago, I was professionally assessed by The Giftedness Center (also see his book). In addition to a three-hour explanation of my giftedness and some suggestions on career-building, I was given detailed documentation, which includes a list of my motivated abilities, the subject matter to which I tend to return, the circumstances that I find the most satisfying, and the interpersonal contexts that benefit me most.

To help brainstorm career possibilities, I created a simple PowerShell script that randomizes and spits out several items from each of the above categories with the assumption that since each single items matches me in-part, any combination would as well.


And here’s the code. You’ll notice I keep the category lists in separate files, but I’m not sharing them here.

Function Get-GiftednessMashup {
param (
[Parameter()][string]$AbilitiesPath = ".\MAPAbilities.txt",
[Parameter()][string]$SubjectMatterPath = ".\MAPSubjectMatter.txt",
[Parameter()][string]$CircumstancesPath = ".\MAPCircumstances.txt"

$GiftednessAbilities = Get-Content $AbilitiesPath
$GiftednessSubjectMatter = Get-Content $SubjectMatterPath
$GiftednessCircumstances = Get-Content $CircumstancesPath

$GiftednessMashup = @()
$GiftednessMashup += ($GiftednessAbilities | Get-Random -shuffle)[0..1] | Join-String -OutputPrefix "Abilities: " -Separator ", "
$GiftednessMashup += ($GiftednessSubjectMatter | Get-Random -shuffle)[0..1] | Join-String -OutputPrefix "Subject Matter: " -Separator ", "
$GiftednessMashup += ($GiftednessCircumstances | Get-Random -shuffle)[0..1] | Join-String -OutputPrefix "Circumstances: " -Separator ", "