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Where Death Delights To Die

It started as, a simple blog, which was just a free site with a custom domain. During my last semester at DTS, I needed an outlet to help explore writing. I kept it up for several years after graduating, as I continued through a novel attempt and several longer poems. The site can still be accessed at

After deciding I wanted to post some longer pieces, and after realizing how limited I was in the free version of Wordpress, I transitioned to a paid Dreamhost Wordpress setup. Most of the new site was the new written pieces, to which I added non-written ones, but I moved the blog over as well. I also learned my first bits of css as I customized the look and feel of the site.

Then, as renewal approached, I moved the site to a free Cloudflare Pages setup. Docusaurus is the web framework, and I manage it all through Cloudflare and VS Code/Github. This is its current location, and so far, I'm very pleased.

I still have a lot to learn about Docusaurus and React and MDX and Javascript and everything else, but I have a lot more freedom with this new setup. It's also much, much faster than the Dreamhost site was. And other than the domain registrations, it's free.